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Creative Expression

Lotus7 invites you to find space here, to feel safe, create community, to feel at home, and Express yourself through creativity and play! Discover who you really are through arts, crafts, and cooking classes; dance and movement workshops; performance, singing and writing programs!

Let your creative juices flow! Lotus 7 Yoga offers space for your creative expression! Our studio can be easily transformed into the perfect spot for your Bridal/Baby shower, Birthday party, Art gallery, Reception, Book launch, Fundraising event, corporate event or retreat. You may schedule a private yoga class with the instructor of your choice, or rent the space for a private event. You are welcome to bring in catered food or beverages. Schedule your event with us today. We promise your guests will thoroughly enjoy the good energy of the Lotus! Please email us at info@lotus7yoga.com for studio availability.


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