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Fitness, Mat Pilates, and Yoga Fees and Policies-Effective May 2014

  • Single Mat Pilates/Yoga Class = $20 (expires 1 month)

  • 10 Mat Pilates/Yoga Class Package = $165 (expires 3 months)

  • 20 Mat Pilates/Yoga Class Package = $300 (expires 6 months)

  • One Month Unlimited Mat Pilates/Yoga Classes = $120 (expires 1 month)

  • Auto Re-new Unlimited Mat Pilates/Yoga Classes = $100 with Debit/Credit card

  • Prepaid 6-Month Unlimited Mat Pilates/Yoga Series = $540

  • Prepaid 12-Month Unlimited Mat Pilates/Yoga Series = $1080

  • Private 1 One-Hour Session $100 (1-2 people, call Studio to schedule)

  • Two Week Unlimited Mat Pilates/Yoga Special Offer = $25

Also available for purchase are Gift Certificates for Individual Class packages as well as Private Parties!

Room Rentals: Lotus7 also offers two beautiful rooms for rent. Truly an urban escape, this modern and stunning facility is an ideal space for yoga and movement workshops; meditation and breath work circles; lectures; and special events. Equipped with yoga props, seated pillows, bolsters, blankets and chairs, both rooms are honored and treated as sacred spaces. The Studio is 1100 square feet with bamboo floors, vaulted ceilings and electronically-controlled thermostats and can accommodate up to 50 individuals. The Study is 300 square feet and can accommodate up to 20 individuals. The facilities two rooms are available weekends as well as mid-day throughout the week with plenty of parking including handicapped accessible. If interested, please contact

Pricing Policy:

Class Packages and Series include both Yoga and Mat Pilates group classes. The date of purchase will be recorded as well as a date of expiration. There are no refunds on class packages or series. If your package expires, purchase a new class package of the same or greater value to carry over the unused classes.

Monthly Auto-renew Membership includes both Yoga and Mat Pilates group classes. Your credit/debit card will automatically be billed and you will receive an email confirmation of the deducted amount. The date of registration will be recorded and honored for 30 days from the date of registration. No minimum commitment necessary, however a 30-day notice to cancel is required.

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