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As a leader in Yoga, Pilates and Alternative Health services, Lotus7 has developed a variety of programs with certified and licensed professionals in the fields of Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition (including Ayurvedic and Raw Foods diets), Yoga Therapy, Integrative Breath Work, Thai Yoga Therapy, Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology, and Chiropractic Care to address the individual health concerns of men and women of all ages.

Pilates and Yoga Instructor Staff Information: In September 1999, the newly organized Yoga Alliance® established a national Yoga Teachers' Registry to recognize and promote teachers with training that meet minimum training standards. Teachers who meet these standards are eligible to register as "RYT®"s (Registered Yoga Teachers). In 2005, in conjunction with enhanced revised standards for registration, they began recognizing and registering teachers with significant teaching experience in addition to training. These teachers are trained to the highest standard recommended by the National Yoga Alliance for RYT certification. Each teacher must have spent 200 hours of training working in classroom environments on asana, philosophy, anatomy, physiology and mentoring with senior instructors.

To define, maintain, and support the commitment to training and education of Pilates instructors, the Pilates Method Alliance® (PMA) was formed in 2000 as the international professional organization for the Pilates method of exercise. Members are required to participate in ongoing training, and must provide documentation to remain in good standing. The PMA® has set guidelines and recommendations for teacher training programs, and has established the first National Certification Exam for the Pilates method.

“The Lotus Flower…its unfolding petals suggest the expansion of the soul…the growth of its pure beauty from the mud…holds benign spiritual promise.”
Autobiography of a Yogi

Lisa Brabender, President and CFO - L-7 Lifestyles, Inc. is the Creator and Founder of Lotus7 Yoga, Pilates and Lifestyle Center providing clients with group and privates sessions, integrative wellness and innovative nutrition counseling. Respected business professional with over 30 years of extensive experience in Business Development and Marketing in the fields of transportation logistics and family medical practice. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science and Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Irvine and has worked in various senior management capacities at such companies as Bristol Park Medical Group, Global Van Lines, and Federal Express Ground. Philanthropic work includes lifetime membership and Board member for the Valiant Women of Mission Hospital Foundation; Rotary International; American Cancer Society Relay for Life; Children's Hospital of Orange County; Chamber of Commerce Member and Laguna Beach Women's Club Member.

“I approach every session differently, whether you are a weekly or a first time client. Everyone’s body is different and everyone’s therapeutic/healing needs change daily if not hourly.

Malaurie Barber, RYT, a Yoga Alliance certified Forrest and Kundalini Yoga Instructor; certified Khalsa Way Pregnancy Teacher; certified Massage Therapist; and Cranio-sacral therapist. Malaurie was raised in Paris, France and was introduced at a very young age to meditation, eastern philosophy and healing. More than 600 hours of training from the Institute of Spycho-Structural Balancing in Culver City, the International Professional School of Body Work in San Diego and The Upledger Institute, her massages are a blend of deep tissue, sensory re-patterning and cranio-sacral unwinding. She is also trained in structural integration (Rolfing), acupressure and reflexology. She teaches yoga on a daily basis at Lotus7 where she seeks to create a nurturing environment for her students.

Courtney Barr, RYT, a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, California Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. Courtney completed her education with a Master's degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at Southern California University of Health Sciences. She specialize in Women’s Health, Stress, Anxiety, Emotional Disorders, Digestive Dysfunction, Facial Rejuvenation, Allergies, Sleep Disorders and Weight Loss. Along with acupuncture, Courtney offers Chinese herbal formulas, cupping, acupressure, gua sha and tui na massage along with nutrition counseling and lifestyle recommendations for patients who need help, but aren't comfortable with needles. Her focus is to educate patients that pain and illness are the body's way of telling us to pay attention. Listening to the body, slowing down our busy lives and having compassion for, and finding congruency in, our minds and bodies is how true health is attained.

Elise Butler, RYT, a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. Elise earned her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, with a minor in Physical Education and Life Management Skills from California State University of Long Beach. Elise began studying yoga over 7 years ago. As busy mom of 3 young children, Elise was looking for a form of exercise to help cope with the frustrations and stress of raising kids. When she practiced for the first time she knew it was something she wanted more of. After practicing each day she found herself being more calm and patient with everyone around her. After many years of practicing, she felt inspired to take her practice to a new level and trained and completed her 200hr certification under the direction of Alison Scola at Lotus 7 Yoga. Elise has a passion for yoga and loves being able to share what she has learned to help bring that peace and calmness to others.

“On and off the mat, yoga has made me a stronger person and my hope is that I can continue sharing this with others.”

Sandy DeJohn, RYT, a Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Instructor. Sandy began her yoga journey looking for a way to cross train with her love of tennis. Little did she know, she would find so much more. As her practice evolved she decided that she should share with others her new found love, the practice of yoga, through teaching. She received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification through At One Yoga, in Scottsdale, AZ where she trained with John Salisbury and Alex Austin in the Ashtanga style and Lanita Varshell in the Viniyoga style. Although trained in Ashtanga, Sandy enjoys teaching styles ranging from basic and yin to flow and power. She has also had the opportunity to practice and train with other great yogis like, Dharma Mittra, Seane Corn, Jason Crandall, Rod Stryker, Rolf Gates, Kathryn Budig and Wade Morrisette.

Christy Graniere, RYT, a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. In Christy's career, she has been an AFAA Certified Aerobics Instructor and Jazzercise Instructor/Franchise owner. She has always had the love of exercise inside and out of a studio, being involved with the Susan G. Komen’s 60 mile walks for Breast Cancer. Christy decided to try yoga as a balance to her active lifestyle and has now made it her primary practice. By finding the connection of breath with movement and meditation, she has achieved a centeredness and peace on and off the mat. Her goal is to bring her respect and love of yoga to Lotus7 hoping that each student finds that same connection.

Stephanie Haden, a certified Mat Pilates and Yoga Instructor since 2009 has been passionate about health and fitness most her life. Stephanie’s natural athleticism combined with her ability to motivate and instruct has led her to the fitness industry. She has spent many years working as a fitness instructor and participating in extreme fitness. She is currently working towards her degree as a Nutritionist while continuing to share with others the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Her other passions are spending time with her family and exploring new fitness adventures

"With dedicated practice, sincere and humble exploration of the Self, and a healthy dose of childlike joy, the true purpose of Yoga--enlightenment--can be right here, right now!

Carry Kim, MFA, RYT, CMT, a certified Yoga Therapist trained by the Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation, (1,000hrs including 2 month clinical residencies in India), Shiatsu therapist, certified breath work facilitator, registered Yin Yoga teacher and therapeutic nutrition educator. Prior to her journey into Yoga, she studied Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi for many years. An ardent student of life, she has invested the last decade practicing and studying various holistic health modalities in the quest to help facilitate and foster the well-being of others. Certified in both Himalayan Singing Bowl sound therapy and Thai Yoga therapy which utilizes assisted yoga postures, her influences are many: Taoism, Tibetan and Zen Buddhism, dance, bodywork, somatic movement, Native American tradition, permaculture, and inspired activism. She is a lineage holder of Tibetan Yoga and has studied continuously with her teacher, Yuan Miao since 2003. Mentoring with renowned naturopath and nutritionist, Dr. Vincent Medici, since 2003, and most recently with Amadea Morningstar, widely regarded author and educator in the field of Ayurvedic Nutrition, she teaches individuals to eat for optimal health by integrating living and raw foods, macrobiotics and aspects of Ayurveda. She has privately trained hundreds of clients to transform their way of eating in order to facilitate healing from life-threatening disease and chronic, degenerative conditions. Her goal is to teach others to thrive, use food as "medicine," live sustainably and leave this Earth better than we found it. What is most rewarding for her is witnessing students as they become self-empowered, joyfully abundant and "healed" by their own definition.

Julie Murray, RYT, a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative and Yoga Nidra Instructor, discovered Yoga 12 years ago. Julie teaches her classes with compassion and care, student-focused, tailored to fit each person's unique needs with an emphasis on stress management.

Kinga Night, PMA member, is an Aline certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, born in Budapest, Hungary, and quickly found her passion in sports. At 11 years old she began competing as a rhythmic gymnast internationally. While attending a high school for professional athletes, Kinga also began a career in dance, and held feature roles in numerous theatrical productions, including CATS. She majored in Rhythmic Gymnastics at the University of Physical Education in Budapest, and coached her own rhythmic gymnastics team before leaving for the United States in 1990 to further her education and career. Upon arrival in New York, she immediately auditioned and received a dance scholarship to the renowned STEPS studio in NYC. Her performing career eventually led to appearances on stage and television in more than 30 countries. In 1998, now making Orange County, California her home, she returned to physical fitness. She became a member of AFAA, and taught numerous fitness formats before falling in love with Pilates. Kinga was accepted for the Pilates Certification program at Aline Studios, a studio that specializes in personalized, one-on-one training.

Lena Parker, RYT, a Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. Lena was a classical ballet dancer for 17 years. Originally from Laguna Beach, CA, she trained at a boarding school in Boca Raton, FL at the age of fourteen and danced professionally for two years in Nashville, TN. Throughout her career, she cross-trained with yoga to both strengthen and heal her body. After retiring from dance, Lena began her journey into deepening her practice in yoga. She received her 200 hour training from CorePower Yoga. She loves yoga simply because it makes her body and mind feel fulfilled, and she hopes to share that sense of fulfillment with her fellow practitioners. She is looking forward to going back to school to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

“Everyone has room to grow, from new students to advanced students, watching the authentic person awaken is both magical and humbly rewarding”

Cynthia Price, E-RYT, an Advanced Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. Since 2000, Cynthia has been teaching yoga and devoted to the practice and study of yoga and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm with others. Her introduction to yoga and its 8 limbs started in the 60’s as a child working with her mother who was her first Iyengar yoga and meditation teacher. Her life was dedicated to yoga before she knew what it was. Her goal is to facilitate students in finding their freedom , body, mind and spirit thru asana, pranayama and meditation. Creating a class that combines elements from her greatest influencers, the Krishnamacharya lineage of B.K.S.Iyengar and Srivasta Ramaswami to produce an alignment based flow class, that encompasses all levels and abilities. Enoying life with a playful spirit, Cynthia brings an element of lightness to her classes by focusing on the breath and being present.

Aris Seaberg, RYT, a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, grew up in New Mexico with a passion for gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. She practiced and competed for a total of 16 years, later becoming a successful gymnastics coach. In college she discovered her enthusiasm for photography and now enjoys her career as a photographer, but needed to get involved in something good for her body and soul. She came across yoga in 2010 and has loved it since, discovering compassion and understanding for herself and others, as well as a physical practice she enjoys. She completed her 200hr teacher training at Lotus7. She has a love for teaching and inspiring others to follow their hearts. Yoga has and continues to transform her life and she hopes to share that with her students.

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