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“The body is what the mind makes of it. It is but the outer covering of the mind and is obliged to carry out whatever the mind tells it to do”
– Swami Vivekanandaa

As a leader in Yoga, Pilates and Holistic Health, Lotus7 has developed a Life Enrichment Program with 7 principles to empower individuals with information and tools needed to proactively achieve their wellness goals.

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Individuals are offered personal and attentive teaching that encourages a healthy balanced life. Want to learn more about private yoga packages or sign up for one? Send us a message, and our staff will make sure to connect you with the most appropriate instructor for your needs.

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Lotus7 has installed 100% bamboo hardwood flooring and has received 6 LEED credits for Green Building Certification. Andrews flooring is 100% post consumer recycled materials using rapidly renewable resources like agrol soybean polyols and vegetable oils.


Established in 2007
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